5 Benefits of hiring a professional quantity surveyor


Management of cost and budget and calculation of depreciation is the most crucial aspects of a construction project. This is where the professional depreciation services or the quantity surveyors can come to your rescue. They can efficiently and accurately evaluate the building or a construction project and save you from any unnecessary expenses, the last thing you would like to deal with in a project. The tax deduction depreciation surveyors at the Capital Claims would determine the overall project cost and ensure that you do not miss any deductibles in calculating the depreciation, something that can make a remarkable difference towards the end of the project. These surveyors have a crucial role to play in the construction project and provide several benefits that justify their hiring. Here are some things that they can do for you and help you in the cost-effective management of the project.


  • You get the support whenever you need


Construction projects involve multiple tasks such as paperwork, estimations, and research to be done simultaneously. You can’t handle all of them single-handedly. No matter how confident you are of your efficiency, doing everything by yourself makes the mistakes more likely. Quantity surveyors are specialists in handling costing and estimating exercises. They are experts in their field and assure the best guidance at your disposal. You can consult them for estimating material requirements, labor hours, and making accurate and legal architectural and engineering plans.


  • Assistance in project management


Quantity surveyors have seen tremendous growth over the years. In the present scenario, their role is not limited to only budgeting. They have become multifaceted and can assist you in the assessment of multiple areas of the construction business. They are providing valuable inputs in planning, legal approvals, environmental concerns, stakeholder management, and many other aspects that require estimation. These roles have made them the most valuable asset of a construction project team.


  • Better management of cost and budget


Nothing is more important than thorough planning and accurate allocation of budget for any kind of project and construction is no different. These projects can go over budget and incur considerable amounts of extra expenses if these are not planned properly. Quantity surveyors are experts in costing and budget allocation. They meticulously analyze different factors such as maintenance cost, tax refunds, and depreciations that are often miscalculated. Besides the allocation of budget, they also ensure cost management to keep the expenses in control.


  • Effective assessment of the property


Unlike other types of projects, construction is not over with the completion of the building. Once the construction is over, you need to again analyze the building overall and ascertain how it will be used. Quantity surveyors also assist you in this port-construction analysis. They assess the feasibility of and determine the possible ways the property can be used cost-effectively and in accordance with the regulations.


  • Preparation of depreciation schedule


Another post-construction aspect that you need to keep in mind is the calculation of depreciation. The fixtures and fittings in a building would depreciate with time. The quantity surveyor would set a proper depreciation schedule that brings you tax saving and several other benefits over time.