Acknowledge The Types Of Mobile Banking Services Offered

Various customers and financial organizations seek an Ebanking app to handle their financial management. Today’s digitalized era demands personalized mobile banking services and features that can be accessed in a few taps.

A few common mobile banking services performed regularly through a mobile device include bill payments, fund transfers, credit card manager, checking account balances, or making a mobile recharge.

Customers can access smart banking in different ways or according to their needs. Let us now explore the kind of mobile banking services available and how to make the best use of them.

Mobile banking through online banking apps

Mobile banking apps are highly accessible on smartphones and are used very commonly. Download the app, register, and create login credentials to access the services such as –

  • Account access– Login to the mobile banking application and start accessing your account in a few seconds. At a glance, apply for savings account and monitor your transactions and keep track of all the important information at your convenience from anywhere
  • Balance inquiry – gone are the days when one take out time and visit a bank branch to just obtain their account statement. Mobile applications have become a savior by making account statements available on our mobile phones within a few seconds.
  • Branch Or ATM locator– Whenever you require to visit your nearest bank branch or need a visit to the ATM for cash withdrawal, using your mobile banking application, you can instantly locate the nearest ATM or bank branch without any hassle.
  • Transferring funds – fund transfers have never been this quick and easy. All the credit goes to the mobile banking applications that have come up with intra-bank and interbank transfers in the most efficient ways possible.
  • Managing multiple bank accounts – one of the best features a mobile banking app provides is various account management. You can always apply for credit card and access multiple accounts through a single mobile banking app. This feature avoids the hassle of keeping different banking apps for other bank accounts.
  • Pay for anyone– You can pay for anyone from anywhere by simply using the UPI ID or the QR scanner of the merchant. You can even instantly transfer funds to your friends and help them in need. Moreover, you can also track the mobile recharge plans of your family and recharge for them in advance.

The list continues, as there are several other features you get through a mobile banking application such as tracking your spending and saving, linking your debit and credit cards with the banking application, receiving timely reminders for your pending payments, and much more.

However, there are still many people who do not own a smartphone but still want to avail a few of the banking services. This is the reason why several banks offer sms mobile banking, which can be accessed even through a basic phone. All the customer needs to do is link their mobile number with their bank account to avail the services. They can acknowledge their bank account info by sending an SMS to the bank in a certain format.