Amazing Features of Tally

Accounting is a crucial part of every successful business. While many consider it an intimating chore and leave it to their accounting departments, many startups don’t have that luxury. At the same time, they are often in need of professional accounting services to manage an arsenal of tasks. This has never been more prominent than in the age of the internet where companies are increasingly shifting their processes from paper to the cloud.

The best way to get over these accounting obstacles is to use a Tally Software which involves Tally ERP 9. This is a software suite which can be utilized by both – professional accountants, and startups that wish to manage their books themselves. Tally can help you to keep a track of all your transactions, profits, dealings, tax, inventory, etc. in one place. Here are some unique features in Tally:

Enter Transactions with Voucher Entry

Tally software suites have an innovative method of entering transactions called Voucher Entry. It is named as such since vouchers in accounting are documents with a list of several transactions. As per its name, this allows users to enter diverse transactions in a single go.

Calculation of Interest

Interest calculation will never seem complicated again with the help of Tally ERP 9. It comes preloaded with an array of interest calculating methods which allow users to calculated a variety of different interests. After calculation, the system also generates a detailed analysis of the interest which can help you to know the future balance amounts.

Ledger Integration

Modern accounting is not limited to just one ledger or two, instead it is diverse. The same goes for Tally Data software as the ledgers are divided among – General Ledger, Sales Ledger, and Purchase Ledger. These are all separate, yet connected to eliminate chances of errors. This ultimately helps in creating a smooth channel for creating entries and pushing created records.

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Bill Tracking

The Tally Suites help users to track individual bills made with trading and non-trading accounts. This allows for a unified system of managing receipts, invoices as well as payments. The system also makes adjusting record easy with cloud syncing.

Replacing Accounting Codes

While traditional accounting methods involved coding each account, the Tally way is to give every account an easily identifiable name. This goes a long way in preventing errors due to oversight in reading the correct account code. Using account names also makes bookkeeping a lot easier for startups that don’t yet have the budget to hire accountants.

Auditing and Budgeting

Tally ERP 9 also gives you access to the most advanced auditing and budgeting system in the market. With this feature, users can easily make changes to their accounts, and analyze budget reports while measuring progress. All of this is made super easy with an intuitive UI which allows users to operate the software with a minimal learning curve.

Multiple Currency Support

Working with multiple currencies at once will feel like a breeze with Tally’s new features. You can maintain multiple currency accounts and check real time conversion rates. This will help accounting departments save a lot of time and effort.

Why Choose TallyDekho?

Now you know the serious advantage you can gain by using a Tally ERP 9 powered software suite. This power can be utilized by you with the help of TallyDekho. This pioneering application allows you to perform complex accounting tasks right on your smartphone, thereby making Tally even more portable than before.

Another great feature of TallyDekho is their advance security service which allows your data to be protected by the security protocols of Google Drive. Therefore, this prevents anyone – even TallyDekho from viewing your sensitive data. In the wake of numerous cyberattacks for corporate sabotage, this security offers a ray of hope. Moreover,theyare offering a year’s subscription free for early adopters. So, if you wish to have your accounts managed in a quick and efficient manner, give TallyDekho a try.