Great Choices For the Mortgage Processes

Deposit money. Be sure to transfer the entire amount. If it turns out that even less than one ruble, then monthly payments may be charged next month;

Step-by-step actions for early loan repayment

  • Call or come to the bank and tell us about your desire to repay the loan faster
  • Write a statement where you tell the bank about the initial payment
  • Determine the amount needed to maturity

Don’t forget to check the bank and get a certificate that the loan has been repaid. Helpyour guarantee that the bank will not, after some time, ask you for any commission.

Early repayment of the loan

At Bank, repayment of loans in part or in full can be made ahead of schedule on request, and the bank does not regulate in any way the minimum amount of initial loan repayment and the fee for initial payment is free of charge. The London Mortgages have the easy terms and so they are easy to opt for.

The procedure for initial loan repayment at Bank is as follows:

  • Contact the nearest branch of Bank
  • Contact the manager for free and ask for a sample payment application for part or all of the loan
  • Make a statement indicating the date of early repayment (working days), the amount and the account from which the funds will be transferred.
  • Enter the payment amount to the bank teller. It is also possible to show your credit card account number.

At present there are hardly any people in this country who do not have loans now. Taking into account (the collapse and instability of population incomes, in particular), early repayment of loans is a good way to improve the state of the family budget.

Is that how you do it?

And is there a need to rush at all with debt payments?

What is that In this case, what is called what is heard means. Early repayment of loans is the payment of debt in part or in full based on the loan agreement before the expiration date. If we speak of simple terms, or, each contract clearly states in the main text that funds are given before a certain date, that is, at the time of this date, the borrower must fully repay the principal debt and interest to be paid for its use. Therefore, if you pay off all your obligations to the bank before this datethis will be the initial repayment. In addition to the loan agreement end date, there is also a debt repayment schedulea sign that says, on what date, how much should you pay. If you cannot pay in full the entire debt balance, you can make more than the next payment on the schedulethis will result in an initial partial cancellation.


Myth onebanks can prohibit such fraud. It is not that. Both in the Civil Code and in the banking laws concerning bank loans, it is clearly stated that banks do not have the right to forbid you to pay debts in advance. In addition, this provision also applies to contracts that were implemented recently, and to loans received prior to the enactment of this amendment.