How a Pawn Shop is a Non-Traditional Jewelry Store

If you are considering getting engaged, need a special gift or just want to add to your jewelry collection, there are numerous benefits to shopping at a pawn shop.

The experience one has at a pawn shop will differ from a traditional jewelry store, but these ways only benefit the consumer. Here are some top reasons to stop into a pawn shop before heading to a local jeweler.

Get More Jewelry for Your Money

Jewelry stores charge retail rates for their pieces, while a pawn shop generally prices pieces much lower—even if it’s brand-new.

While most jewelry at pawn shops are used, they are often polished and cleaned and look like new. Essentially, you can get more bang for your buck at a pawn shop.

Find Unique Jewelry at Pawn Shops

A traditional jewelry store tends to carry multiple pieces in the same design and don’t seem to have a lot of versatile designs for those looking for something truly unique.

However, pawn shops get their jewelry from an array of sources, allowing them to have a constantly rotating inventory of new, used and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Shop with Confidence

Some people are hesitant to buy jewelry from pawn shops due to reputation misconceptions. You might be surprised to know that today, pawn shops go the extra mile concerning performing jewelry evaluations and inspections for authenticity on every piece in the store.

Many pawn shop retailers guarantee authenticity, warranties, free jewelry cleanings and gift wrapping as a bonus for shoppers. Essentially, you can shop and buy with confidence at a reputable pawn shop.