Latest Trends In Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is an ever-evolving beast. New technological breakthroughs are emerging in the market every minute.

Keeping a watchful eye on crypto trends is essential.  It helps you catch a profitable one in the nick of time.

Here are a few cryptocurrency trends in 2019 that are revamping the market space:

Crypto Integration: A Not-So-Elusive Reality?

The need for integrating crypto tech has been brought forth time and again. Trading can really become overwhelming, especially with the dizzying number of cryptos and blockchain projects one has to browse through.

Portfolio management is the major need of the hour, and exchanges like Bitfoliex and Bybit are striving to fulfill this need. They offer crypto portfolio management tools to ease the process. To help with further integration, cryptocurrency users can also track all their assets, coin prices, etc. across various platforms.

The best part is that these solutions are very cost-effective, and you can usually get started with them for a negligible fee.

The Rise Of Crypto Trading Bots

GK8 technology is on the rise as more and more traders are opting for it over manual trading. Due to the multitude of ever-fluctuating factors in the market, it’s virtually impossible to come up with the “perfect trading strategy”.

Market analysts have predicted the rise of crypto trading bots over the next 10 years, and for good reason. New cryptos are entering the market each day, not to mention the umpteen number of developments taking place each hour. It can become difficult to keep track of all the relevant information.

Crypto Trading bots like Cryptohopper and Bitcoin Robot offer features like technical analysis, backtesting, trailing stops, etc., and you can get started by paying a nominal monthly charge.

The Spotlight Is On Security Token Offerings (STOs)

2019 is seeing more importance being given to Security Token Offerings or STOs. Although these are similar to ICOs, they have some elementary differences.

While ICOs aren’t regulated by any authoritative body, STOs are regulated by Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) in the U.S. and they have to meet certain standards. On the other hand, ICOs are very susceptible to scams due to lack of such regulation.

Most STOs are also backed by financial assets like company stocks, shares, etc. This establishes a level of surety for the investors not found in ICOs. lets you catch up with the latest crypto news and market trends. To give investors a bang for their buck, this platform allows them to trade 800+ cryptocurrencies across and have access to professional-grade market tools. Happy Crypto Researching, Folks!