SEO Expert: 5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency

Businesses have been opening and operating with the same general start-up plan for decades but those who cannot adapt the importance of having an internet presence are at an extreme disadvantage. Nearly everyone who has access has a smartphone. They’re basically hand held computers ready to be used at any moment.

From surfing the web to online shopping anything people want online is readily available at the touch of a button. How can businesses use this? Social media marketing and search engine optimization. SEO agencies and experts are one of the newest and most valuable tools businesses have the option to use. Some companies wonder why spend the money when they’ve had a reputable company for years? Here’s why.

Reputations can be tarnished in mere seconds especially when there is no counter activity from the company. Having an online presence assures customers can voice their delight or concerns and customer service can be direct and immediate.

Social media has become a way for customers to express their grievances with companies for a large group of people to see and if it is not met with the same public response it can be disastrous. Indianapolis seo experts advise having a dedicated social media page allows customer interactions to be swift and helpful for those online interactions.

Search algorithms are the newest way traffic is driven to specific companies online. SEO experts will research keywords related to a specific product or service given by the client’s company in order to see what the majority of people put in the search bar when on the hunt for that specific good or service.

The research will show what needs to be stuffed in overviews, descriptions, links on social media posts, and company websites to direct online traffic to the client’s company over the competitors.

Indianapolis seo experts use techniques that improve their client’s overall website in order to assure customers can access information easily. This includes having a website that transfers to a mobile version seamlessly.

Most people browse on their phones during long commutes, breaks, or general boredom which means a website must be visible and functional on mobile phones. Developing an app can make it twice as easy, too.

Clickflow is a tool that seo experts use for their clients to view pages that are seeing the most traffic and build off of that information without bombarding customers with multiple posts to make up for the less popular pages and information.

The speed at which websites load and function is an important part of website success. Many people will exit out when it takes longer than normal to load, the menu is unresponsive, and so on. SEOs can use tools that optimize speeds and help web developers find potholes in the website’s design that is causing these issues and driving customers away from using the site.

Voice search is a newly important function. At least twenty-five percent of adults own a smart speaker and prefer using it to initiate a search on their phone or device. Text and voice search are different as the devices used will switch phrases around for a more honed in question rather than the vague ones many people use.

SEOs will research and develop different key words for voice searches that will direct traffic to a client’s website in the same fashion just using different phrases.

Google is the most used search engine in the world and has a variety of tools for businesses to use if there is a physical store. Google My Business can be set up by a SEO for nearby customers who use Google.