Top Diamond Companies in The World

Without a doubt, Diamonds are one of the most valuable materials in the world. They might occur naturally in our planet but they have to mined out from the diamond mines. All these are done by companies who own these diamond mines and then they sell these diamonds to diamond distributors from all around the world. Well, here take a look at some of the biggest diamond companies around the world.

Top Diamond Companies in The World:

Here is a list of some of the top diamond companies in the world.

Debswana Diamond Company, Ltd.:

Most diamond companies are located in the western world but this company is one of those that isn’t located there. The company is located in Botswana and is said to be one of the major reasons in the growth of the economy of Botswana. The company operates four mines in the country and they are located in Letlhakane, Damtshaa, Opara, Jwaneng. Most diamond mining companies face a lot of issues with the human rights organizations. But not this company as they have bolstered the economy of Botswana with its diamonds and made it one of fastest growing economies in the world.

Gem Diamonds:

This company operates worldwide but its base of operations is located in England. The company established itself and started making huge amount of money within 1-year after it was found and this happened due to fact that a 600-carat diamond was found was found in one of its mines. This might seem like not so much of big issues for people not acquainted with diamonds but this much weighing diamond is quite unusual and this also is one of the largest diamonds found in the last 25 years. The company operates quite a lot of mines which are located in Botswana, Lesotho, Indonesia, Angola, Republic of Congo, and Australia.

Rio-Tinto Diamonds:

This is one of the top money making diamond companies in the world with over $4 billion in revenues and are very famous for their Argyle pink diamonds. Argyle pink diamonds mine are very famous as it is the producer of more than 90% of all pink diamonds in the whole world. Apart from the pink diamonds mine, located in in Australia, which is owned by them, they also operate in four other continents.

De Beers:

This probably is the biggest diamond manufacturer when it comes to diamonds. The reported about $6.1 billion in revenues in 2012 and they also have been operating for more than a century and half. According to critics the company was founded with the idea of controlling everything about Diamonds, which included Investing, finance, etc. And eventually, company decided the price of Diamonds and thus were called a “Diamond Cartel”. But recently it has come to light that this company doesn’t have control over Diamonds are the so-called investing, finance, etc.

So, these are some of the top diamond companies in the world. There are a few other companies as well, but according to us these are the best. Hopefully, this has been of help to you.