In times of crisis, whether it is from a natural disaster or within an economic catastrophe, you always need to have a back-up plan. Most especially, within a business establishment where the flow of cash should be maintained active. Since when an operation is absent, the income will no longer be present as well. There will be then a high possibility of the company shutting down because of this crucial state.

This 2020, with the emerging of the pandemic that is famously known as Corona Virus Disease 2019, there are multiple people who were contaminated by the said virus had died. Ever since then, the bacteria spread instantly worldwide. And with the increasing number of individuals who are being infected by COVID-19, as well as the rising amount of people dying from it, the World Health Organization has advised everyone to stay at home in able to avoid being corrupted by it. 

Because of the awareness that has been raised to the masses, the government immediately implemented an enhanced community quarantine. Through this, the diffusion of the hazardous virus has been slowed down so far. With only the few people going out just to buy the things that they need and companies that transferred to working from home, it has become easy to halt its dissemination.

However, although it has been a big help to do homebased for the meantime, it is still a bit challenging considering that there are tons of adjustments that needs to be made.

One of them is continuing with the compliance of the policy regarding WhatsApp call recording, call monitoring, and archive text messages. Since as we all know, there are various of things that are being utilized for this main activity to be fulfilled.

To learn more about this work from home policy, record SMS message and record voice for records request compliance, read the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage: