The Perfect Choices for the Loan Lending


The loan process itself does not require the submission of any income statements; for the application to be processed and for the internet loan to be answered, the creditor’s personal and contact ID details are sufficient for the lender. Loan institutions, are aware of the fact that for customers a short time of waiting for money is one of the basic priorities. Banks do not guarantee such simple formalities and quick procedures, and thus, it simply takes them longer to apply for funds. You can go for the direct lender from the network.

How to apply for a quick online loan? – Step by step procedure

How Do Payday Loans Actually Work by Icy Tales? Loan companies individually determine the course of procedures that occur when applying for a quick payday via the Internet. On the other hand, the practice shows that the solutions they use are often very similar and run according to a quite specific scheme. Most often, you can apply for financing either directly from the lender’s website or after creating an account (profile) on its website – sometimes both options are available. 

At the online loan options, attempts to pay by the Internet take a few minutes and start with determining the loan amount and its repayment date. Further formalities consist of providing basic information about yourself contact details, telephone number and e-mail address. Moments later, the customer receives an SMS with a short verification password, which he must then enter into the empty window on the page. Then he has to give some simple information that will enable him to get acquainted with his life and economic situation. They consist of:

first name and last name,

Social Security,

series and number of identity card,

address data,

marital status,

the number of people who are dependent on the client,

Information on the amount of income obtained.

The last step is the verification of identity, which consists in making a bank transfer for the amount of 1 $; you can also go through it using the special Instantor application, which allows you to speed up the entire process even more. After this stage of applying for funds, you can only wait for a response to grant an online loan ; it will appear in just a few minutes.

Loan is available online – an instant loan transfer

The short waiting time for a loan decision results from the fact that non-banking institutions, such as, use a number of tools to automate the processing of online pay requests. Thanks to the basic data provided by the client, the lender can immediately read the information they hold about him: BIK and debtors’ registers. As soon as he thinks he will be able to return the loan, he usually orders the transfer of the agreed amount immediately. 

At the online site, a minute on the Internet can be credited immediately after the loan decision, but it must be borne in mind that the waiting time for funds also depends on the factors on which the company has no influence.