What is the minimum salary for getting a personal loan?


When you are willing to get a personal loan, you need to make sure that you are taking help from responsible moneylenders. You need to make sure that you will get maximum monetary support from the personal loan. In this situation, you should have to take help from licensed money lenders so that you will be able to complete the money lending process in every situation. So, if you are confused with the question: What is the minimum salary for getting a personal loan? This article is for you. It will be helpful for you in every situation. 

While you are willing to get a personal loan, every time, you need to make sure that you are aware of your loan abilities. Here in this situation, you have to know that you have enough salary to be able to complete the eligibility to take out a loan. 

What should be the minimum salary to complete the loan process? 

When you are taking help from a personal loan, always, you need to make sure that you are aware of the minimum amount by which you will be able to complete the loan process. The minimum annual salary to take a loan should be 10000 dollars. Otherwise, you should not be able to complete the loan process. So, always, you need to make sure that your average annual income is bigger than that. Otherwise, you will not be permitted to gain the loan process. When you are completing the short-term loan Singapore, you will be able to complete the loan process in any situation every time. You have to be sure about the minimum personal loan amount; otherwise, you will not complete the loan process in any situation. So, this is the premium section with the help of which you will complete the loan process in any situation. 

What are the other facts that you need to check while searching for a personal loan? 

While you are taking help from the personal loans, every time, you need to make sure that your salary is bigger than the required amount. Otherwise, your personal loan will not get approved. But some other facts will decide if you are eligible to get the loan. They are listed below. 

Residential location: 

Your house or Residency should be at the eligible space. Otherwise, the residential location will not be approved in any situation. So, in this situation, you need to make sure that you are aware of the residential location. When you do not remain in the residential space, you will not get a personal loan. So, this is another thing that you need to complete in any situation. 


You need to be aware of homeownership to make sure that you can get a personal loan. So in every situation, you need to make sure that you do have your own homeownership. Otherwise, you should not be able to get any personal loan from any money lenders. So this is the primary fact that you need to check while you’re searching for a personal loan from experienced money lenders like the Crawfort Licensed Money Lender. 

Credit history: 

You should be aware of your credit history. Otherwise, you will not be able to get money loans from any of the companies. You should have a good credit score to ensure that you are getting the best money loan in every situation. 


Here are the facts that are needed to be checked while searching for any personal assistance. So, here in this situation, you need to ensure that you are taking help from these aspects. These are the aspects that would be helpful for you to detect if the money lending process is helpful for you or not. So, you always need to make sure that you have these qualifications to complete the loan process. 


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How a Company’s Profit is Different From Its Revenue


The difference between profit and revenue

What separates revenue from income? It may not be very clear to some who are not really into this line of work. But if you are interested to know the difference between the two, you should keep on reading. First, revenue is the income that a company or business makes from selling their goods or services involving the primary operations. On the other hand, profit, which other people also call net profit and bottom, is the income amount left after deducting expenses, debts, operation costs, and additional income streams. Let us take our explanation further.

First, we have revenue.

Did you know why other call revenue the “top line?” As its name suggests, we find it at the top of the income statement. The revenue is the amount that a company generates before deducting any expenses. For instance, you are running a clothing line. Hence, you make money by selling clothes. Before deducting anything you have spent to make your products, we call that revenue. But what if a company also gets income from investments and subsidiary companies? Income from those departments is not considered revenue because it does not generate from selling clothes. It is what we meant earlier when we said that it is the income amount from selling goods and services from primary operations. You can account for those additional income streams and difference expenses separately.

And then, we have profits.

Profit an income statement’s net income or bottom line. When we say profits, we can refer to different things in terms of the income statement. It is helpful to know when you want to have an idea about a company’s performance. There are different profit margins between the top line and bottom line. Let us say that we encountered profit in the gross and operating profit department. Before the net profit, we should get past this. Let’s start.

First, gross profit is the difference between the revenue and cost of goods. The cost of goods refers to the direct costs related to producing the goods that a company sells. We refer to the money spent on the materials used and the labor costs to make the products. Next, we have the operating profit. It’s the difference between the gross and any other fixed and variable costs involving the business operations. Business operations can include rent, utilities, and payroll.

We thought you should know.

The company’s profit is the net income and not the gross or operating profit. This is the amount left after deducting all the expenses, and it is not uncommon to have a net loss while generating revenue. We also have accrued revenue that is unrealized yet. It is an unrealized revenue because the company delivered the goods or services, and the customer did not pay yet.

For the recap

Revenue means total income from selling goods and services from the company’s primary operations. Most people refer to revenue as sales, and it is the amount where we did not deduct the operating expenses yet. On the other hand, profit means the remaining income minus all expenses, additional income streams, debts, and operating costs. Some people are confused between the two because they both refer to a company’s earnings but is not uncommon to get a net loss while generating revenues.

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What Is The Purpose of a Stablecoin?


A Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is being pegged to a fiat currency or another stable asset. Stablecoins allow cryptocurrency investors to access the benefits of a fiat currency with a stable economy without actually purchasing the coin. Stablecoins include Tether USD (USDT), USD coin (USDC), Gemini dollar, etc.

The most recent estimate of the number of available Stablecoins places them at over 190 coins.

What is the Purpose of Stablecoins?

Stablecoins are the safest way to store assets in cryptocurrency. Because these coins are tethered to commodities and first currencies. Their values do not succumb to the usual volatility of cryptocurrency assets. They act as a safety net for investors to fall back on when they have purchased cryptocurrency.

They provide the investors with assurance that a stable way to store cryptocurrency assets exists. The basic currency that these Stablecoins are attached to is known as collateral.

How does a Stablecoin work?

Unlike a forex market where you use one currency to purchase another, the cryptocurrency market is different. When you buy a Stablecoin, the company backing it has to manufacture the mint currency. And when you sell, they have to burn the amount of the Stablecoin you sell from their server.

Although Stablecoins are assets available to people trading decentralized coins, they cannot be decentralized as well. This is because their supply must be managed at all costs to prevent abnormal price fluctuations. Due to their centralization, Stablecoins are constantly subjected to audits and checks to ensure transparency.

The Most Common Stablecoins

When talking about Stablecoins, some are used more than others. These Stablecoins include:

  • Tether USD (USDT)

USDT is the most widely used member of the Stablecoin market. Tether USD is backed up by the US dollar and its prices fluctuate according to dollar movements. With the highest trading volume of any Stablecoin in the market, as well a value of almost 1 USD per coin, USDT dominates the cryptocurrency market as both the most highly traded and the most highly staked Stablecoin.

  • DAI (MakerDAO)

As far as unique Stablecoins go, MakerDAO is one of the most peculiar. With a value of $1 per DAO token, Maker DAO is not connected to the USD. Rather, the value of the coin as a Stablecoin is preserved by a selection of cryptocurrencies.

DAO is a Stablecoin that was manufactured as a result of fears developed from Tether USD’s lack of transparency. With USDT withholding information on their reserve assets, DAO was made.

  • USDC (USD Coin)

USD Coin is the second most popular Stablecoin. Although its value is not as close to that of the USDT, it is also popular. It is an Ethereum based Stablecoin based on the value of the US dollar. With regular audits done as well as transparency of the coin, USDC continues to gain popularity.

The single purpose of a Stablecoin in the crypto market is to provide market stability for investors and give them a safe, non-volatile means to preserve their coins. To ensure that investors are always at ease, most Stablecoins tend to get their assets audited regularly by third-party organizations. They are still subject to the normal tax and finance laws of the currency they are tethered to.

For more information, see OSOM Insights.

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Top Useful Crypto Trading Tips


The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With an approximate value of about 1.58 billion dollars, its value has seen a great rise since its early days. The cryptocurrency industry is valued by how much is being traded by its users daily. Cryptocurrency trading can be a very lucrative investment. However, like every other investment, without the right knowledge and guidelines, it can be extremely volatile.

When trading cryptocurrency, the first step is to go through charts to determine which currency will be good to trade. However, studying charts requires knowledge about analysis. There are two types of analysis in cryptocurrency trading, these are;

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the use of analytic tools and sites to scrutinize charts to determine the flow of the market. Technical analysis uses the psychology of traders as well as the volume of coins moving to determine what direction the crypto market will move in.

Technical analysis utilizes statistical data and the flow of price action to help traders make decisions about buying or selling their assets. It works on the assumption that certain adding actions from the past can be used to determine the movement of the cryptocurrency market in the future. In technical analysis the flow of price is called a trend and trends usually determine the direction of a trade.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis involves using the information provided by news and the web to determine how the price of a coin will flow. Fundamental analysis is largely dependent on how companies choose to utilize coins, whether coins are facing any issues on exchanging, financial regulatory bodies’ opinions, and more.

The fundamental analysis of a cryptocurrency can be influenced by whales and people whose opinions can alter the price flow of a coin. This is why it is easy to use social media such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc to determine how to trade a specific coin pair.

Apart from learning to use various forms of analysis to trade crypto, there are also other ways to grow a cryptocurrency trading account while minimizing the risk of loss. Some include

 Proper Risk Management

When using proper risk management, you need to set a stop loss. This is the maximum amount that you are willing to lose on a trade. A good stop loss helps to prevent you from losing too much on a trade.  Another major advantage of a stop loss is that when you out on it helps to ensure that not all the assets in your wallet are at stake while you trade.

Risk management also involves setting Take profits which are values of the amount of profit you would like to retain from a trade. This also prevents you from getting too greedy and ending up in a loss on a good trade if you aren’t watching charts attentively.

Using Trading Bots

A trading bot doing crypto spot trading is a tool that helps traders to analyze and determine potential positions to enter when trading the crypto market. Some automated trading bots even place trades as well as stop loss and take profit for a trade. A trading bot is an effective way to trade crypto when you are unable to do your analysis or just don’t have the time. A good example is

As volatile as the crypto industry is, it is a great place to make money as well as learn the power of long-term investing.

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Shopping for a Car? 3 Questions that Need Answers.


Owning a car is one of these modern life essentials. Life can be really hard if you decided to rely on public transportations; you will always be stressed about being late, and they are really not a convenient option when it comes to traveling long distances. So, now that you had enough of this, you are going shopping for a car.

But this is not an easy purchase; it’s not like you are going shoe shopping. You need to think this through and answer some important questions before buying a new car. Since your car will serve you for quite some time, you have to choose the right one.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a car:

How Am I Going to Pay for It?

This the first question you need to ask. Don’t start daydreaming about the perfect car; its color, brand, and model, only for your dreams to be crushed eventually because your dream car exceeds your budget limits.

Check your bank account, or maybe you have a savings account designated for this purpose, take a look at your bank statement and decide how much you are willing to pay. And in case you don’t have the amount you need, then many banks like ADCB will give you the opportunity to apply for car loans. Check the terms and conditions and see if they suit your needs.

What Are the Qualities of the Car I’m Looking for?

Now that you know your budget, you need to list the top features you are looking for in a car. Start by determining the most important ones, including fuel consumption; you will need to buy a fuel-efficient car if you live in a country where petroleum prices are considerably high. Safety features and the size of the vehicle are also important.

After looking into these features, you can move to the less important ones, or let’s say the more negotiable ones. These will include the color of the car, its style, and other additional features, such as the availability of heated ventilated seats.

The car brand and model are also crucial factors that will affect your decision. A helpful piece of advice is to consider a brand which parts can be easily found and replaced at a reasonable cost in case you had to do any repairs in the future.

What’s The Final Decision?

This the final step. Now that you sorted out your finances and determined the features you want, go online and search for the perfect car. View new and used cars and read the reviews.

Don’t stick to online research, visit local dealerships to test drive the cars you have in mind. The test drive will allow you to examine the cars’ acceleration, comfort, and handling. It will also be good to talk to an expert salesman to answer all questions you have about the car you want to purchase.

Purchasing a car can be a complicated process. Take your time and study all the options to make the right decision with no regrets.

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What is a cloud mining calculator and how to use it?

Miner man posing with a golden bitcoin coin on a background. Vir

What is a bitcoin mining calculator and how it could be used? A mining calculator is a tool with the help of which it is possible to calculate the returns of the investments. The logic behind its functionality is simple, it takes the declared computing power of machines selected and calculates the possible outcome in cryptocurrency mining. Knowing the price on the market at the moment it is possible to calculate the return on investment. Usually, the calculation is done in the smallest parts of the coin called mega hashes.

But of course, this is not a 100% accurate instrument. The Crypto world is turbulent and the price of the currency may change dramatically. Especially taking into account the miner’s mine coins – not dollars, and the outcome depends on the exchange price at the moment. Knowing the fact that Elon Mask can post one twit and bitcoin price will drop or jump by 30%, crypto calculators stop being the ultimate weapon and supporting tool in hands of miners. But including exchange price forecasts, using the calculator, and having the idea of what is happening around it is possible to predict price quite accurately.

Why bitpowermining calculator is the best?

Firstly,  this is a cloud mining company, which offers to its customer’s wide range of tariffs and the calculator cover them all. Secondly, it has an option to compare cryptocurrencies and choose something that on your idea will be the most profitable and reliable. And last but not least, it calculates the return on investment taking into account not only the current price of the coins mined, but also forecasts. The company understands that investors put their money in the medium/long term and use maximum information to depict the picture of earnings, even in the long term.

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Does your car insurance cover these things?

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You hear many things about comprehensive car insurance, and sometimes it is hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong. In this digital generation, there’s lots of tempting and confusing information out there about car insurance.

So before you apply for an insurance plan, it is helpful to understand its many elements. This article will help you clear some of the confusion and doubts about car insurance.

Your mechanical repair bills in case of an accident

Not all insurance schemes cover your mechanical repair bills caused by an accident.

For example, mandatory CTP insurance covers compensation payments for people your car injuries, however it doesn’t cover damage to other people’s car and property, and not yours.Third party property damage car insurance covers damage to others’ cars and property, but not your own.

So be mindful while choosing your car insurance – check to what extent it covers your repair expenses and what your excess will be. There are a plethora of options available while buying insurance, so make sure you are aware of the various things each provider covers. They usually differ slightly.

Car theft

When you get a car in Australia, everyone must get CTP insurance but this insurance does not provide any cover if your car gets stolen. If you are getting a new car, you will likely get comprehensive car insurance, covering loss from theft.

But sometimes, people who buy second-hand cars do not opt for comprehensive insurance as the costs can be higher. The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to buy comprehensive insurance to get theft coverage. Nowadays, insurance companies are offering third party car insurance with fire and theft coverage!

Coverage for valuable extras

Child car seats, groceries and clothing  are a few of the things prone to theft if you leave them in the car. People generally take their other valuables along with them while leaving their cars.

In a case where your food, kids’ seats, etc, are kept in your car and someone steals it – does your insurance cover that risk?

Comprehensive car insurance offered by some providers includes the option of a ‘content insurance’ add-on, covering the risk of losing/damaging some of your valuables ! So if you’re a person who forgets things in your car, you should compare car insurance and choose the one which offers cover protection for your valuables.

These are a few things you should keep in mind before you apply for a car insurance plan. The best thing to do is to know the potential policy thoroughly before going with it. Equipping yourself with the correct facts will help you make a well-informed decision.

Lastly, in case of any confusion, it is always best to reach out to your provider. Talk to them and if you are not satisfied, look for help somewhere else. Car insurance can go a long way; it is vital to have a policy that covers potential future damages.

Compare car insurance today and get a great car insurance quote today!

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OrbitGTM Review: An Innovative Brokerage Firm For All


I will be talking about the reasons why OrbitGTM is better than a lot of the other online trading firms in this OrbitGTM Review. You become an online trader from the moment that you create an account with a brokerage firm. The trading firm that you sign up with is the medium through which you access the financial world. So, it is important to make sure that whichever firm you select, is right for you. New traders find it difficult to make the choice because they don’t know what they are looking for unless you have someone to guide you. I recommend that you choose OrbitGTM if you just don’t know which firm to sign up with.

Let’s review some features of this innovative brokerage firm.

Best Features of OrbitGTM

CFD Trading

The trading type that OrbitGTM supports is CFD trading. CFD trading is a form of trading that gets traders excited because traders don’t need to use their money for investments. CFD is an acronym for Contract for Difference where the trader signs a contract for an asset for a period of time. The difference in the opening and closing price of the asset shows whether the investment was profitable or you have to overcome a loss. Using CFDs for trading with highly volatile assets can be extremely risky as you can end up with major losses. So, it’s always advised to make calculated investments with CFDs.

Assets for Trading

OrbitGTM is well-known for the wide range of assets that it offers. It is recommended that traders should sign up with a brokerage firm that supports the trade of different assets because it provides them with increased investment options. You can trade forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, bonds, shares, and stocks with OrbitGTM and build and maintain a versatile trade portfolio. Since a lot of assets are available for investment, you can practice low-risk trading by investing small funds in different assets. This way if the market value of one asset falls, the loss that you will face will not be as huge.

Trading Platform

OrbitGTM offers a propriety trading platform that was developed with advanced technology to ensure high-quality performance. The platform, which is in the form of a web trader, has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. It is equipped with modern trade tools such as analytical tools, charting tools, trading signals, one-click trading, and several others. Traders can make well-informed investment decisions with the assistance of these tools.

Regulatory Status

The easiest way to find out whether a brokerage firm is legit is to check its regulatory status. A regulated firm is monitored by a third-party agency and so if the broker acts suspiciously or is doing something illegal, it gets reported to the authorities immediately. OrbitGTM is a regulated broker so any articles that may talk about OrbitGTM Scam are nothing more than a marketing tactic by its competitors.

Client Support

The brokerage firm that cares about its customers makes sure that its offers dependable customer support. This means that the trader is able to get in touch with the broker whenever they have any questions or problems regarding the firm. OrbitGTM is a customer-oriented trading firm and offers a customer support department that is active 24/5. This means that you can send in your queries at any time of the day during weekdays and receive timely replies. You can contact them via emails, phone calls, Skype, live chat, and other social media profiles of the broker.

Concluding Thoughts

When you decide to sign up with OrbitGTM, you are giving yourself entrance to an innovative world of online trading. The brokerage firm provides features that are modern yet very easy to use. What makes it so great is that it easily meets the requirements of new traders as well as professional ones. So, if you are looking for a trading firm that you can use for a long time without getting bored, then OrbitGTM is the best choice for you.

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Payroll for Builders: Payroll Software Provider vs. CIS Company


Every Construction workers have one thing in common, the full payment of their payroll. It is also a significant aspect in the construction industry that needs to manage properly.

Many contract disputes happen in the past year, especially after the corona virus spreading. Thousands of projects are at a halt during the lockdown, leaving the workers and sub-contractors without payment.

Majority of the complication in tax regulation and sheer size of the construction project makes it more difficult for some self-employed sub-contractors.

Also, for a large amount of workforce, the payroll can add more hassle and time-consuming. If there are small errors, it could cause serious complications for the company.

Luckily, there are two options for you to choose in securing your contract and payments.

Payroll Software

In most cases, companies are using employee monitoring software to deliver the process of paying the workers and include payroll tax law. Using this software would make faster calculations for payrolls, including deductions.

Also, generate pay slips accurately, calculate bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, etc. It was also efficient in storing data such as pay slips and annual reports with the accessible data system.

But there are other complications with this method. Payroll software is vulnerable to data security loss or theft, cyber security, fraud information access, quality, and control.

There are also some limitations of the payrolls that are expensive, especially when it has a full feature software than manual payroll system. It also needs computer equipment, resources, and a skilled operator.

CIS Payroll Company

CIS payroll companies can resolve these problems with the minimum risk taken. Coordinating with CIS payroll companies ensures the security of payroll, and it operates with additional loads by taking care of consequences of status review.

Remove the cost associated with direct employment and reduces risks with employment rights. The services given are not that costly and have a 100% guarantee that they will deliver right on time.

It is also very affordable because the company takes full responsibility for all status submissions to the revenue, including taking care of the full process with legal support.


For individual construction workers, payroll is essential because it is their source of income. Nevertheless, securing the payment of each worker is a necessary aspect of the construction industry.

Workers are an intermediate class that holds employee and fully self-employed subcontractors status. This cause complication like unpaid holiday pays for a whole length of engagement fines for unlawful dismissal, and unreasoned deduction of wages.

With all being said, these methods of construction payroll provider tend to solve the most common problem in construction industry whether Payroll software provider or CIS company it is all up to you.

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Strategic Blue Cloud Portfolio Management


Strategic Blue is a company specializing in portfolio management and professional procurement services. The company has modern mechanized tools permitting it to analyze individual portfolios and offer solutions to their problems. The mechanized tools ensure tracking of accounts, running projects and cash flows, and reports sent to the client. Strategic Blue allows clients to go through and ingest the issued review for cost optimization. Further, the company recommends saving, risk optimization, and other vital aspects that may lead to business success. Some of the most popular and successful companies are products of Strategic Blue. These companies get solutions that not only save their total cost but also lead to immense success. Such companies are:


Preqin is one of the most popular companies known for its accurate data production and sources, insights, and useful data collection tools. The company has excellent data collection resources that gather accurate, comprehensive, and timely information with ease. The firm has saved its annual and monthly budgets significantly as a beneficiary of the AWS Cost Procurement. The cloud reduction costs allow the company to focus on other important tasks and business growth.


For over five years now, Ebury has been at the forefront in receiving Strategic Blue solutions and assistance. Ebury is vast in offering financial services such as international payments, FX risk management, and other finance trade. Strategic Blue has always played a significant role in handling the sophisticated finance work and saving the total cloud spend. Ebury has considered the AWS cloud costs in solving its business needs, which have led to growth acceleration.

UC San Diego

Strategic Blue has also collaborated with prominent educational institutions such as UC San Diego. UC San Diego University is among the Top notched research institution around the world. The institution’s partnership with the cloud has led to the University’s CloudBank growth, ease in accessing the computer science community, and public research clouds. The Strategic Blue company manages over 50% of the institution’s account operation and upwards of 17% saving on research funding every month.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency

APHA, as a government institution, is responsible for the identification and controlling of peculiar diseases. The company overlooks the performance of pest and diseases researches. The firm is also responsible for keeping a check on the spread of pests and diseases. Their main aim is to check the health and wellness of both domestic and wild animals. APHA has collaborated with Strategic Blue for over eight years in managing AWS procurement procedures through the G-Cloud. The company involves the clouds in managing their AWS costs and in providing invaluable advice offered by the company. The APHA company appreciates the payment flexibility given by the company.

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