How to renew bike insurance online?

People are very passionate about buying bikes. But are we aware that bikes are more exposed to accidents on road than any other vehicle?  This is when two-wheeler insurance policies come as a boon to the riders of bike. Two-wheeler insurance acts as a protection towards any damage caused to the bike when it meets any mishap. In India, as per the law, it is mandatory to hold a two-wheeler insurance policy as it comes to the rescue of the rider and the bike at times of misfortune.

What is bike insurance?

General insurance being a wide topic covers multiple insurances under it. Two-wheeler insurance policy comes under the general insurance category. Two-wheeler insurance is a protection given to the bike and the owner against any financial liability that occurs due to any misfortune. Two-wheeler insurance acts as a shield to the owner of the vehicle from any unexpected events. There are multiple types of two-wheeler insurance policies available in the market from the cheaper ones to the expensive ones that have vast coverage plans.

How to renew bike insurance online?

If buying bike insurance is very important, renewing the lapsed bike insurance is much more important. If the bike insurance is lapsed then there’s no way to claim as it is equal to not having any insurance policy at all. Having a lapsed bike insurance policy means if the bike comes across any accident or incurs any loss due to any reason then the owner has to entirely bear the loss of the damage that has been incurred. Having a lapsed policy does not mean things have come to an end, there are ways to renew the policy and get back with the benefits, the easiest being the online way. The renewal of the bike insurance puts the protection of your vehicle and you intact. Bike insurance renewal can be done in both online and offline mode. Nowadays everything being online and easy, how can renewing the bike insurance left behind? The bike insurance can be renewed online in a very easy manner. The online procedure is way easier than the offline procedure of renewal. Online procedure of renewal is hassle-free and more convenient. The procedure for the online renewal includes the following:

  • The first step is to review the needed requirements related to bike insurance. Further modifications can be made to the policy at the time of renewal.
  • The second step is to login into the insurer’s website.
  • The third step includes feeding in the detail related to the bike and also details related to previous policy.
  • The fourth step is to select the type of bike insurance that suits the best for the bike and the insurer.
  • The fifth step is to set insured declared value (IDV) and also to choose the add-ons as required.
  • The sixth and the final step is to make the payment.

With all these steps the renewal of bike insurance can be easily done online.