Is an HR Personnel Really Necessary?

Work-life balance, that is now the new American dream. Able to balance your work with your personal is the one thing that most people juggle and aim about and that is also their problem since one way or the other, either work or personal life will overlap the other. In business its all about balancing the people and the clients. It’s not always that easy since you have to please both people and clients. Many companies don’t do this practice and end up with either fewer clients or less good people.

There’s a balance that someone needs to manage and that is where HR comes into the picture. They are the people that will handle the recruitment, the managing of people, from the policies and other tasks that have to do with the concern relating to people. Usually, HR comes after almost everything because usually for a small business its CEO and the staff is set up first until the company grows, becomes less flexible then that is where the HR is added.

Is an HR necessary: Although usually HR is added once the company becomes bigger, its a key role since having a reliable HR can help establish a company. They will take care of all the paper works that need to be filed, from the company related to people related. Aside from that, they know the things that are needed to keep the business running lawfully like securing business permits, fire permits and what needs to be done to comply with any operational laws and continue to operate.

Why you need one: As a business grows the policies, rules, processes, and the systems will tend to be less flexible. The more people to manage the more that you won’t be able to cater and become more flexible with the needs of your people. Thus having additional heads to help you with various tasks is always welcoming, especially the things that you don’t want to get in the way with your business. For businessmen, it’s better to focus on the business and for all other operational concerns, there are HR people that can help you do all of those things.

Do you necessarily need to hire one in your paygrade? The good news is you can get an HR expert without adding a single one to your payroll and even give them a space in our office. Because there are already 3rd party service providers that are out there that offer such a service. These service providers already has the complete package, all they need to do is assume the function that you want them to have depending on your company’s needs and preferences. Pretty cool right? But that’s not all. These types of services also allow you to save on costs in terms of additional cost, insurance, and training.

Although HR is a key role, it doesn’t mean that you need to have one in your office. There are 3rd party service providers that offer such a service to anyone that needs it. The good thing about these 3rd party hr service providers is that they offer the complete package with lesser costs. If you’re looking for one, there is an HR company for small businesses service providers that you should check out.