Palmer Administrative services and other Top Auto Protection Plans

February 12, 2020—In today’s competitive automotive industry, the extras and service plans often add up to more than the cost of a vehicle. Standard warranty coverage for a new car is usually included, but warranties for used cars and optional extended warranties are optional services that savvy drivers can use to save money and get excellent coverage. 

If your dealer recommends an extended warranty, call your bank to see if buying the dealer’s warranty is required to qualify for financing. You might be able to save by shopping for your auto protection plan or get better coverage for your needs. The top plans for 2020 and beyond include:

  1. Palmer Administrative Services

Palmer Administrative Services has offered affordable auto protection plans for more than three decades. The plans cover repairs from top-notch repair specialists, and the company even offers repair financing for non-covered services. Coverage extends over a range of maintenance services, common repairs, and part replacements. Palmer Administrative Services operates with one goal in mind: covering all the services that help you get and keep your car on the road.

Many high-quality repair shops in the United States and Canada endorse Palmer Administrative Services’ Extended Warranty. The plan is even transferable if you sell your vehicle, so it increases your car’s value and selling price. You can even re-sell the remaining policy term. The advantages of Palmer auto protection plans include:

  • Trip Interruption bonus
  • Roadside coverage of professional locksmith services, tow charges, and tire changes
  • Coverage of all engine parts, turbocharger, electrical components, drive axles, transmission, steering, and transaxle
  • Unlimited claims during the life of the protection plan
  1. Carchex

Carchex offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a big deal because you often fail to think of everything when you’re buying an extended protection plan. The company has been in business for more than 20 years, and it receives a favorable endorsement from CARFAX,, and the Vehicle Protection Association, as well as top honors among multiple consumer groups.

The company takes pride in a no-hassle, no-pressure approach to selling extended vehicle protection plans. The staff takes the time to answer your questions honestly and fully, without trying to conceal key plan provisions that might be unpopular with consumers. The plans are priced at the low end of the spectrum, and you get the coverage you pay for in every plan from the five pricing tiers available. Highlights of the coverage include:

  • Fast claims process
  • Protection against ID theft
  • Personal assistance from a live claims concierge
  • Tire repair and replacement coverage
  1. Autopom!

Autopom! Is short for automotive peace of mind, and the company offers a similar customer service approach to that of Carchex, which includes a low-key sales strategy. The company guarantees never to leave customers in the lurch when they need answers about claims. Each customer also receives an email that states in writing the coverage period, deductibles, waiting period, down payment, monthly price and total price for the life of the plan.

The company also receives high marks from consumer advocacy groups, and each customer gets a “Coverage Consultant” to answer critical policy questions. Autopom! offers four protection levels from which to choose, based on the driver’s budget and coverage needs. Some plans, however, are only available in the state of California.

  1. CarShield

CarShield offers motorcycle warranties, and the company’s protection plans are also transferable. The quote process isn’t as simple as the other three companies, but the company offers many different plans to cover most contingencies so that you can get the right level of coverage for your needs.

Contracts are available in Spanish, and the warranties are also transferable. The rates can vary considerably, but the company covers more cars that aren’t in the best of conditions. The company website doesn’t publish critical information about coverage periods, rates, deductibles and other fees online, but a sales rep will deliver that information in a phone call.

Warranties and Extended Auto Plans

Only the original car manufacturer can offer a true warranty in legal terms. Auto protection plans aren’t warranties, but they can offer the same or better coverage. Shopping for your auto plan makes sense when it’s one of the most important investments that most people ever make.