Payroll for Builders: Payroll Software Provider vs. CIS Company

Every Construction workers have one thing in common, the full payment of their payroll. It is also a significant aspect in the construction industry that needs to manage properly.

Many contract disputes happen in the past year, especially after the corona virus spreading. Thousands of projects are at a halt during the lockdown, leaving the workers and sub-contractors without payment.

Majority of the complication in tax regulation and sheer size of the construction project makes it more difficult for some self-employed sub-contractors.

Also, for a large amount of workforce, the payroll can add more hassle and time-consuming. If there are small errors, it could cause serious complications for the company.

Luckily, there are two options for you to choose in securing your contract and payments.

Payroll Software

In most cases, companies are using employee monitoring software to deliver the process of paying the workers and include payroll tax law. Using this software would make faster calculations for payrolls, including deductions.

Also, generate pay slips accurately, calculate bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, etc. It was also efficient in storing data such as pay slips and annual reports with the accessible data system.

But there are other complications with this method. Payroll software is vulnerable to data security loss or theft, cyber security, fraud information access, quality, and control.

There are also some limitations of the payrolls that are expensive, especially when it has a full feature software than manual payroll system. It also needs computer equipment, resources, and a skilled operator.

CIS Payroll Company

CIS payroll companies can resolve these problems with the minimum risk taken. Coordinating with CIS payroll companies ensures the security of payroll, and it operates with additional loads by taking care of consequences of status review.

Remove the cost associated with direct employment and reduces risks with employment rights. The services given are not that costly and have a 100% guarantee that they will deliver right on time.

It is also very affordable because the company takes full responsibility for all status submissions to the revenue, including taking care of the full process with legal support.


For individual construction workers, payroll is essential because it is their source of income. Nevertheless, securing the payment of each worker is a necessary aspect of the construction industry.

Workers are an intermediate class that holds employee and fully self-employed subcontractors status. This cause complication like unpaid holiday pays for a whole length of engagement fines for unlawful dismissal, and unreasoned deduction of wages.

With all being said, these methods of construction payroll provider tend to solve the most common problem in construction industry whether Payroll software provider or CIS company it is all up to you.