The Product Taxation Options You Really Need Now

No exception applies to the products. If you have bonuses or use its other products, then this income should be declared and taxes paid on them. You will easily find out from income statement – if a pen is not zero, it must be declared.

Should the official notes on the income from the platforms be applied?

In principle, it is not mandatory. Official note under law shall be issued only on condition that the payer of the income is an enterprise and the tax is withheld in advance. In the case of P2P platforms, the actual payer of the income is the borrowers, who are individuals, and not the platform, which is just an intermediary. Therefore, such a memo should not be issued by the P2P platform.

It is good to attach a document that shows that you have received the declared income. The income statement is not such a note, but you can attach it as another document or at least keep it. Thus, in the event of an inspection, you will be able to prove why you have declared the relevant data in your tax return.

We personally upload them as attachments to your tax return, as we submit it electronically and it is easier and safer for me to have a copy of these documents in the NRA. You will also count estimate tax refund there as well.

How to file a tax return?

The easiest way to do this is electronically on the NRA website. The possibilities are to do this in two ways with an electronic signature or through a special runway (personal identification code) of the NRA. If you do not have an electronic signature, it is best with a runway, which is free. Here is an informational video of the National Revenue Agency on how it works and how the runway is issued:

Of course, you can also file a tax return on paper by mail or on site at a NRA office. There is no reason to cause this. Personally, you do not miss the pleasure of visiting an office of the National Revenue Agency or a post office.

When and in what term are the taxes paid?

The filing of a tax return for the income received in 2018 and the payment of the tax takes place by the end of April 2019. There are different ways to pay it, which are described on the NRA website. The good thing is that it is possible to pay via the Internet. Thus, the submission and payment can be done at a convenient time without having to go to the NRA office.

What if you make a mistake?

The easiest way to protect yourself from technical errors is to submit your tax return on the NRA website with a runway or electronic signature. In this case, there are many controls that check the correctness of the data and do not allow you to fill in incorrect data. Some of these controls are also available in the barcode declaration. Of course, you can make factual mistakes that the automatic system of the NRA cannot catch, but a solution is provided for this as well.