The Status Of Cryptocurrency ICOs Around The World

The internet, cryptocurrency and the blockchain are three things which are ruling the contemporary world. Eventually, they have changed or in the processing of changing the all possible segments in the world communities including the governments, market, industries, service sectors etc. However, it is not so easy to release an ICO and dream for a flourishing business. People are alert and conscious now than ever and can research and find out all about their intended action. Often, it is observed that new ICOs not even achieve pre-ICO success despite attempting hard. Therefore, if you are attempting to aiding any such crypto tech to begin, you should think twice before proceeding ahead. Get in touch with Paychain Bitcoin ATM for your successful ICO venture and cryptocurrency business.

As per statistics, almost 113 of their projects nearly failed as the communities lost the touch with the team. A study has revealed that half of the cryptocurrency ICOs in 2017 have lost. At one hand when the blockchain is rapidly gaining momentum, on the other bitcoin crypto ICOs are losing ground. ICOs need to evaluate the scenario and articulate strategies for further growth.

The first thing ICOs should reflect upon is the online presence. The potential token buyers often check about your commitment in the ICO and your engagement with the online communities. To maximise the engagement with your community the only platform you have is your website. You must ensure that your website is user-friendly and well-constructed. You must regularly update your site with the necessary and latest information. Besides this, you should be also beware of scammers who pretend as representative of your company.

The second necessity of optimizing an ICO is the market analysis. You should be able to study the advantages as well as disadvantages of the prevailing market. Then only you can propose effective solutions that will be viable for everyone.

The third important aspect is the understanding of blockchain. Blockchain or in simple the database is the basics of cryptocurrency which you need to understand clearly. It is the blockchain technology which empowers the communities and keeps the community with you. You need to understand the functioning of Distributed Ledger Technologies or DLTs as well as other blockchain technologies along with the token economy.

Most ICOs use jargons in their white paper and assure false expectations for their token owners. You must avoid attracting communities with false assurances and keep yourself simple and clear.