Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

Whenever you are using any your credit card online for any transaction, you are sharing a lot of sensitive information which is potentially under cybercrime and identity frauds. None of us would ever want to get frauded by these cybercrimes, leaked credit cards, accounts getting hacked, getting email spamming. But we unknowingly expose ourselves to risks, or we do not know what we can do to prevent ourselves from getting into these online fraud traps. Follow these tips to safeguard from unauthorized transactions on your card. 

  • Ensure To Secure The Credit Card Protection From Day One: 

To ensure that your card does not fall into someone’s else hands and let them misuse it, then sign the back of the card straight away. Make sure that you choose your password and pin carefully. Never keep your pin related to any of the usual numbers like date of birth or anything personal. 

  • Protect Your Data Online:

When shopping online, always make sure that you are on the page with “https” in their web address where s stands for a secure connection. Entering credentials at the unsecured page can get you in trouble with putting your credentials at risk. Never store or save your credit card details on at online shopping website. Do not ever do any transactions by connecting with an unknown or Public network. 

  • Immediately Report A Stolen Card Or Any Suspected Fraud Transaction:

When your card gets stolen due to some mishap or, if you suspect any fraudulent transactions due to leaked credit cards, then instantly contact your bank and get your card block. Also, report any anonymous transaction that you suspect is fraudulent. 

  • Do Not Share Any Of Your Details, Otp/Pin With Anyone: 

Never give out your details to anyone, not even your closed ones. Even if you get a call from a person who claims to be a bank representative, then hang up the call and immediately report this number as spam to let other people know the number is spam. 

  • Use All The Security Feature Applications That Are Provided By The Bank: 

Most of the banks provide a broad range of security features that you can set up to prevent any future frauds on your account. These are some of the preventive measures that you can take but it cannot guarantee that it will 100% secure your transaction. 

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Account Alerts Notifications
  • Application To Receive OTP Over Text Messages.