How You Should Check Your Diamonds at the Time of Buying

HNI individuals have selected the rarest gemstones, like pink diamonds as the new media of investments. It is so safe and handy way to make the investments reaching the highest return on investments. The people who are considered as the High-Net-Worth, globally, found a new way to invest their money on Argyle mined, rarest Pink Diamonds, from the Western parts of Australia.

The founder of Duttson Rocks, Mr. Neil Duttson, has said that “People love them as the alternative investments”. This is an asset that you can carry with you, either in a small safe or in your fingers. Along with its physical value, it has a wider significance to the investors as it is the easiest way of investments. In fact the Argyle pink diamond investments are the trendiest way of investment.

All the more as of late, however, we’ve seen expanding enthusiasm for ‘elective speculations’, particularly collectibles, for example, workmanship, fine wine, collectibles, adornments, and valuable stones, which are obtained in the desire that their worth will rise. Maybe it is inescapable during a period of downturn when not many organizations flourish and even land doesn’t hold its worth reliably, that individuals are increasingly disposed to consider broadening into these areas of investment.

But you must be aware of fraud before investing in pink diamonds or any other gemstones. For more details please log on, and get the proper ideas about your gems.

Before you buy a diamond from a store, just check the reputation of it either online or through your local informers. Unless you are satisfied don’t move for shopping. Most of the fraud jewelers are doing fraud tricks to make the diamond more shiny and bright. The diamond is originally a shine and bright gemstone, which no need to put any extra efforts. Even some of the store owners are spraying WINDEX like glass cleaners to make them more sparkly before the customers. So, when you are checking a diamond stone must examine in the daylight or outside of the store light, which will show you the natural features of the stone.

In the case of the white diamonds, some jewelers are trying the “Blue Paint Culet” trick. It is the trick that makes the diamond extra white or bluish-white. Some of the frauds are putting a blue paint on the lowest tip of the diamond, known as “culet”, which seems to be imperceptible to you. When you put the stone on the light you will find it extra bright that you have never seen before. It will attract you, but this trick is not practiced anymore.

Some retail stores are using colorful lighting at the shop which makes the stone extra vibrant to your eyes. That is the reason you should not examine the stone under the store lights, rather check it under natural lights.

Another way to check the genuineness of the stone is its certification. It is also called as the diamond reports. Ask for the diamond reports from your supplier, which must be verified by an accredited gemological laboratory. The report must certify the carat weight and grades of the stone based on its color, clarity, and cut.