Tips for a Smart Home Design

After finding or building a new apartment, the next step is to design your new home. Putting together a home design [ออกแบบ บ้าน, which is the term in Thai] that meets your taste ,c an be challenging. The following are guidelines to help you on your way.

Do Your Home Design Homework

Your house design and interior decoration [ตกแต่งภายใน, which is the term in Thai] will depend on the type of home you want to build. House styles nowadays are as varied as those who live in them, offering you a banquet of ideas from which to borrow.

After seeing a home you like. Next, you have to decide precisely what features attracted you. Make a note of these ideas and keep them together in a file. 

 Make Your Home Design List

You have to begin with the basics if you’re making a list of what you want for your home design, such as how many family areas, bathrooms, bedrooms you want and so on.

After making this list, make plans for individual rooms. You’ll want to make a scale of preference on the features then add from there. This list may include kitchen features, phone and internet connections, features for a master bathroom, speaker systems wiring, and so on.

Picture Interior Design

You can place furniture in the design to see it fits together into your floor plan. This can be done using a magazine clipping, a graph paper, or using software for home design. Also, put to consideration your flooring and paint choices, lighting scheme, and how your design will fit in. Planning for your favourite activities will ensure you create socializing space and proper seating and dining.

Plan for Expansion

You may not afford to build your dream house right now, so plan your home design in a way that expansion can be possible and easy. You can do that by making your home in phases.