Tips for Interior Decorations of Your Home

If who have ever decorated home or an office, you have taken part in interior decoration [ตกแต่งภายใน, which is the term in Thai]. It is a common hobby for many people because you don’t need qualifications to decorate your home. 

Here are helpful interior decoration tips to help you improve your house design [ออกแบบ บ้าน, which is the term in Thai].  

  • Determine Your Style

To help you set in on your style; observe your closet. Do you prefer more comfortable items or tailored pieces? Do you gravitate toward specific patterns or colours? Another way to quickly determine your style is to think of keywords that define how you want a space to feel.

  • Figure Out What You Don’t Like

Expressing one’s dislike is easy. With dislikes in mind, we can exclude some things and narrow in on what you like. For instance, a bold, large-scale print might remind you of something in your childhood that you don’t want to see in your own space. 

  • Build Around Your Space

Space planning impacts scale and is essential. People often consume space with furniture that is too large underuse space with small ones. I like to blame retail companies for the large-scale furnishings that saturate interiors today. Build around the furniture that you have space for.

  • Sample Your Paint

When considering your options, sample actual paint colours on your walls. Take a look at them in natural light and at night. A colour that worked well for one project will not necessarily work for another. The chips at the paint store are an essential starting point, but what looks good on paper might not translate into your interior. 

  • Mix High and Low Price Points

Pedigree does not always translate to results. Consider a modest designer or artist and buy based on comfort, shape, and how the art or furniture suits you and your needs. Feel free to mix high and low price points.