How To Prevent Legal Action Over Debts From Lowell Financial

In the United Kingdom, Lowell Financial is a household name that everyone seems to know. This credit management company has a remarkable high success rate when it comes to debt recovery. While still maintaining its reputation as a flexible debt recovery agency. There are spectacular, aren’t they?  The urge to know what makes them this spectacular brought about my desires to know more about how they operate.

During my research, I found certain things that are uncommon to other agencies offering the same services. One of which was their unyielding will to make sure both the creditors and debtors are pleased

Established in the year 2004, Lowell Financial is a subsidiary of Lowell Group, a giant in the United Kingdom’s financial sector. With over 1,700 employees spread across the UK and their two main offices located in Leeds and Tolworth, Surrey, they can cater for debt recovery needs for retailers,  government agencies, utilities, telecoms, and many more.

What are Lowell Financial legal actions

As a credit management company, Lowell Financial is a third-party debt collector that buys debts from creditors and make it theirs. So getting a letter from them automatically means that they are now my creditors.

Their original idea is to recover the money either in installments or pay in full.  Whichever I choose, the main aim is to recover the debt. Unlike others, they didn’t add extra charges to my debt initially. There would have been if there was no response from me or I declined their letters.

If such happens, they will take legal actions will be taken against me. In most cases, they usually make use of bank and earning arrestments. With this,  they will be able to make deductions from either my bank account or my wages.

Other legal actions that they can also make use of includes County Court Judgement, a charging order, and bailiffs seizing your goods.

How can I prevent Lowell Financial legal actions?

When it comes to preventing their legal actions, there is little to nothing that can be done about them. Most especially if their letter was rejected in the first place. On this note, the best thing to do is to follow up with each of their processes and make you nothing is missed out.

Although, a court order can be filed to help prevent some of these legal actions. But it can’t stop the fact that you are still indebted to Lowell Financial. It can only help buy some time to pay up

Irrespective of what other people think of Lowell Debt Collectors, I still consider it as one of the best credit management company in the United Kingdom.